Rh45 is the atomic number for Rhodium, which is recognised as the most precious metal in the world. The number and definition was adopted by Angus Forsyth and Marcus Atkinson to become the brand for their classic car insurance business.

Rh45 provides knowledgeable and discreet risk management services with a focus on vehicles valued over £100,000 or collections of classic vehicles valued over £250,000.

Working with leading insurers the Rh45 team have developed a product to offer competitive pricing for the private collectors of exquisite vehicles.

Angus and Marcus have enjoyed successful and enduring careers by offering industry leading service and advice to their clients and friends.

Based at the iconic Bicester Heritage, Rh45 is fast becoming the name associated with market leading insurance and risk management services for owners of prestigious cars and collections of classic vehicles.

The Rh45 team are also the founding partners of a unique collaboration of classic car insurance brands who work to provide a range of insurance options for owners of all types of classic and historic vehicles known as The Classic Collective.

With over 40 years of insurance experience, the Rh45 team are well placed to assist with your classic car insurance enquiry. Trusted by leading insurance companies such as Hiscox and various syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, Angus Forsyth and Marcus Atkinson are on hand to provide instant insurance quotes for your classic car insurance.

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With the ability to provide insurance on a worldwide basis, your classic vehicle or collection of classic cars are within the scope of the Rh45 team and their underwriting appetite.

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Industry Leading Classic Car Insurance

Angus and Marcus have worked together since the early 1990s where they were underwriting and broking in Lloyds of London.

With extensive experience in the insurance industry they established a leading UK classic car insurance business in 2006 and have been very active within the classic car community for many years.

Instant insurance quotes for your classic car insurance